Herbal Spa honored the best spa in Danang for a wellness retreat

Herbal Spa is the best spa in Danang, offering the ultimate relaxation experience. It provides a holistic approach to health and well-being, incorporating natural elements to restore balance to the body and mind. Located near Danang Beach, Herbal Spa offers a complete rejuvenating experience.


A Relaxing Massage Paradise for Travelers in Da Nang


Herbal Spa is proud to be one of the favorite destinations for many international travelers worldwide. As a pioneering spa in natural massage techniques and body care, Herbal Spa is consistently highly rated by customers for the quality of its services. This is evidenced by the high ratings and reviews on renowned travel platforms such as Tripadvisor, Google, and Klook, which position Herbal Spa as a leading spa and wellness establishment in Da Nang.


Herbal Spa currently has 3 branches in Da Nang, located on Duong Dinh Nghe and Ta My Duat streets, close to famous tourist attractions in Da Nang such as the beach, Dragon Bridge, and Han River Bridge. Herbal Spa draws inspiration from the longstanding healthcare methods of the local people and the rich cultural values of Vietnam. This is not only manifested in the service but also in the brand identity of Herbal Spa, including attire and the architectural decor of the spa. At first glance, it may appear simple from the outside, but stepping into Herbal Spa is like entering a cultural haven, from the interior decor, fragrances, and products, to the eye-catching uniforms of the staff here.


The combination of emerald green and earthy brown at Herbal Spa evokes a sense of peace and revitalization. Every pathway and corner is adorned with paintings and artworks depicting the nature, landscapes, and people of Vietnam.

The lush greenery at the Luxury Herbal Spa branch

The lounge area of the Herbal Boutique Spa branch


Herbal Spa has a total of 20 therapeutic massage rooms with carefully arranged fabric curtains, ensuring privacy for each customer during the massage experience. Each treatment room is equipped with amenities such as personal storage cabinets, restrooms, steam rooms, clothing hooks, and various items including clothing, towels, and meticulous English-language instructions.


Complete relaxation at Herbal Spa is achieved through massage therapies, acupressure, and essential oils, seamlessly blending traditional and modern healthcare practices. Particularly noteworthy are the unique medicinal herbs of the Thai ethnic group in Vietnam, which have inspired nearly 30 services such as Aromatic Anti-stress, Herbal Signature Massage, Four-hand Massage, Six-hand Massage, Traditional Vietnamese Massage, Candle Massage, Bamboo Massage.


The Most Exquisite Massage Service at Herbal Spa


Herbal Spa has specially crafted distinctive therapeutic methods dedicated to you, incorporating high-quality techniques, including:


Herbal Signature Massage is a deep relaxation experience from head to toe. Starting with a sweeping motion (using the strength of both hands from feet to shoulders), foot cleansing, and hair wrapping (for female guests). The therapy is a perfect combination of Herbal Spa’s signature massage techniques and therapeutic acupressure using coconut oil, hot stones, and herbal remedies. The full-body massage with flexible pressure and gentle rhythm in a softly lit space, accompanied by soothing music, ensures a refreshing sensation, dispelling your fatigue and tension.


The four-hand massage is an excellent suggestion for your massage experience at Herbal Boutique Spa. With this massage therapy, you will experience a 2-in-1 massage service with 2 therapists for a 90-minute or 120-minute massage session. This massage combines massage techniques with essential oils, hot stones, and the harmonious coordination of 4 skillful hands from 2 therapists.


The advantage of the four-hand massage lies in the synchronized coordination of each movement, providing deep relaxation. It helps you quickly achieve comfort and eliminate all burdens in the body and mind. As the oil is massaged across your body, you will immerse yourself in your private paradise through the aromas of lemongrass, and cinnamon, and the delicate touch of the two massage therapists.


The six-hand massage is a creative evolution of the distinctive four-hand massage method, combining the expertise of 3 massage specialists with essential oils, hot stones, and unique techniques, ensuring you feel cared for and pampered in an absolute sense.


During the massage, you will receive warm herbal pouches applied to important acupressure points on the soles of your feet, palms, neck, eyes, and abdomen, promoting warmth and relaxation. Additionally, Herbal Spa offers optimal skin care methods using natural origin products. Combined with renowned Korean skincare techniques, this approach delivers high effectiveness in nurturing and rejuvenating youthful, radiant skin.


Experience the pinnacle of relaxation with specialized full-body massage therapies at Herbal Spa.


Herbal Spa 


  • Address: 201 Duong Dinh Nghe, An Hai Bac, Son Tra, Da Nang 550000
  • Opening hours: 9 am – 11 pm
  • Hotline: (+84) 0901825789 
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